Work package 1: Consortium and project management

Overall objective

  • To ensure that the consortium partners interact efficiently to achieve the project objectives

Specific objectives

  • To ensure the contractual, legal and ethical management of the consortium by settling the consortium agreement
  • To make sure that partners agree on common procedures for project management, communication, coordination, decision making, organisation of meetings and workshops, and operational procedures for timely and accurate reporting to the European Commission
  • To ensure the administrative and financial management of the consortium
  • To ensure adequate communication among all consortium partners and with the European Commission


The consortium coordination was led by UG-ICRH, who appointed a consortium coordinator, a consortium project manager and a consortium project administrator. The other partners each appointed a project manager. Four project administrators were appointed by the southern partners to provide secretarial and logistical support for the field work and to perform financial administration. The project managers and administrators formed the Project Management Team (PMT) that acted as the decision making and monitoring body. A Scientific Advisory Board provided overall scientific guidance and local Policy Advisory Boards in the four southern countries acted as local external policy advisory bodies and ensured ownership of the project and translation of the findings into national policies. An Ethical Advisory Board overseed the ethical aspects of the research and guaranteed adherence to international standards. The consortium coordinator developed administrative and scientific tools and procedures for the project management, ensured sufficient and efficient communication among all consortium partners and with the European Commission, and supervised the partners’ responsibilities regarding reporting and financial accountability.