Final DIFFER Symposium

During the last week of the DIFFER Project, all consortium partners gathered in Brussels together with policy stakeholders and sex workers from each of the countries, and representatives and experts from international agencies. The key findings and lessons learned were presented and the next steps discussed.   

The six DIFFER consortium partners, Ashodaya Samithi, ICRH-Kenya, ICRH-Mozambique, MatCH-Research, UCL and ICRH-UGent, gathered in Brussels, Belgium, for a two-day symposium on September 27-28, 2016. The objective of the symposium was to present the key results and lessons learned of the project, to discuss them among each other and with relevant external stakeholders, and to define the next steps. From each of the four DIFFER countries, female sex workers and relevant policy makers were invited, as well as the members of the Scientific Advisory Board and representatives of international agencies, such as WHO, UNAIDS and USAID. The symposium was guided by Prof. Dr. Marleen Temmerman, and closed by the representative of the funding agency, the European Commission, and His Excellency the Ambassador of Kenya, Mr. Johnson Weru.