5th PMT Meeting in Maputo, Mozambique

From Tuesday September 29 to Thursday October 1, 2015, the DIFFER Programme Managements Team gathered in Maputo, Mozambique for their annual meeting. After the meeting, a fourth Newsletter was communicated.

The objectives of the meeting were to jointly discuss the progress and challenges in implementing the project, to find solutions and to agree on the next steps. Topics discussed included the exchange visit by our Indian partner, Ashodaya, to the three African countries and how to ensure further capacity building in the next months; how to thoroughly document the ongoing interventions in the four countries; the preparations for the final evaluation of the interventions; the collection of cost data; the interaction with local stakeholders; and the dissemination of the project's key findings. Despite the logistical challenges, 2 partners participated through web conferencing from a distance and Maputo was plagued with frequent electric shortcuts, the meeting successfully addressed all issues.