4th DIFFER PMT meeting in London

The fourth DIFFER Project Management Team meeting was hosted by UCL in London on 14-16 October 2014. Following the meeting, the third DIFFER Newsletter was published.

The objectives of the meeting were to discuss the progress in the implementation of the interventions as well as other activities linked with the interventions as such (cost collection, monitoring, etc..). The PMT meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the future evaluation which is to take place at the end of the project as well as dissemination plans, and consequently the timeline for the remaining time of the project.A large portion of the PMT meeting was planned for one-on-one sessions to take place, in order to give partners more time to discuss challenges and way forward in a number of work packages. General project management issues were also planned to be discussed as well as the upcoming period report to the EC (due in November 2014).