Changes in DIFFER teams

The DIFFER team at UCL (London) and the whole DIFFER consortium have said good-bye to Anni-Maria Pulkki-Brannstrom, who has been replaced by Hassan Haghparast-Bidgoli, who will take up her role within the consortium and the Publication Committee of DIFFER. Hassan is a health economist and joined the UCL Institute of Global Health, Economics of Global Health and Development Group, in 2012. His topics of interest are inequalities in health and healthcare, the economic evaluation of healthcare interventions, injury prevention research and trauma care. He is currently working on a number of multidisciplinary trials in South-East Asia (mainly India) and sub-Saharan Africa.Changes in the consortium also happened in South Africa, with CHP leaving the DIFFER project. Matthew Chersich and Fiona Scorgie have thus stopped their activities within DIFFER besides current work on future publications. The remaining duties attached to CHP have been transferred to MatCH, the other DIFFER partner in South Africa. The consortium thanks both Matthew and Fiona for the work undertaken on DIFFER in the past two years.