Work package 10: Dissemination of research progress and results

Overall objective

  • To ensure dissemination of the research progress and final results to health officials, health workers and health policy-makers in the 4 partner countries and beyond to the international scientific community

Specific objectives

  • To inform stakeholders (in government institutions and in relevant non-governmental agencies) and the public on a regular basis about the progress of the research
  • To create and use opportunities to share the project progress and results with policy and decision makers, other health officials, programme managers and health workers by organising seminars and/or developing policy briefs and executive summaries of the research progress and findings
  • To disseminate the knowledge acquired through this research to the international scientific community


From the project onset, a communication strategy was developed and implemented. Information on the concept, objectives and progress of the research project was available and actively distributed, including through the project-specific website. Other ways to disseminate information were the partners’ websites, regular mailings, posters and leaflets. Dissemination options addressed all stakeholders, including local communities and women. During the second PMT meeting, the partners devised a national dissemination strategy. A strategy on the international dissemination of the research findings and policy implications was discussed during the third PMT meeting. Final research results, recommendations and lessons learned are being disseminated to:
Policy-makers and decision makers in the health sector;
Key stakeholders (general practitioners, health facilities and their staff, health management and planning coordinators); and
The (inter)national scientific community (presentations at international conferences or scientific meetings will be encouraged, as well as publications in international peer-reviewed journals).