Work package 6: Implementation of the interventions

Overall objective

  • To implement the selected interventions for improved sexual and reproductive health outcomes at the research sites in India, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa

Specific objectives

  • To introduce the developed intervention packages within the health system of the four selected research sites
  • To monitor the implementation of the intervention packages through site/supervision visits to the research sites
  • To evaluate the implementation process and provide assistance and recommendations if the implementation is hampered or delayed
  • To ensure local ownership of the new SRH care strategies, all potential stakeholders such as local health authorities, senior health staff, clinicians and the community will be involved in the preparation and development of the implementation plan


Each site developed an action plan for implementing their intervention package developed in WP 4 that included scheduling of various activities, development of guidelines, training, meetings with the policy advisory board, meetings with the health authorities and senior health officials responsible for health in at the study sites, disseminating information, supervision and monitoring.

The implementation plans included:

  • Guidelines to facilitate the implementation of the designed intervention package;
  • Ensuring that the planned packages of interventions were implemented in their respective study sites and that regular supervision visits was conducte.

The implementaion was coordinated across sites by regularly tracking what activities had been conducted.