Project Documents

You can read the Description of Work for the DIFFER project here

The policy analysis report is available here. The policy analysis aimed to provide formative information on sexual and reproductive health policies around services for high-risk populations in Africa and India, and made a number of policy recommendations in relation to existing and new policies in the four DIFFER countries.

The situation analysis identified potential ways of improving sexual and reproductive health care and explored the feasiblity of introducing new interventions. The analysis sought to obtain information on the most urgent unmet sexual and reproductive health needs of women in the general population and how these link with the unmet needs of female sex workers. The findings of this analysis served to develop the combined packages of interventions to be implemented in the four DIFFER countries. To read the situation analyis report, please click here.

As part of the situation analysis, a cross-sectional survey of a representative sample of female sex workers was carried out. You can access the baseline CSS report describing this survey results here. The questionnaire can be accessed here.

Specific intervention packages were developed and were implemented at each of the four DIFFER sites, taking into account both a generic intervention package setting common goals for all sites and site-specific needs. You can access the country-specific intervention action plans by clicking here.

The final report of the DIFFER project is available here.

The work package-specific final reports can be found here:

Report on the South-South Capacity Building (WP5)

    View Ashodaya's video on Bond Beyond Boundaries here

Implementation of the Interventions (WP6)

Final Evaluation of the Performance of the Intervention Packages (WP7)

Report on Cost, Empowerment and Vulnerability (WP8)

Bridging the Gap between Research and Policy (WP9)